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Renovation & Reposition Services

Elancé at West End I Alexandria, VA

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Elancé at West End I Alexandria, VA


Discover the pinnacle of retirement living in the heart of Alexandria at Elancé at West End. Within this welcoming haven, you'll not just live, but thrive in a setting characterized by warmth and grace. Your neighbors and our dedicated staff will become an extended family, enveloping you in a sense of belonging. \


At Elancé at West End, immerse yourself in a level of care that is profoundly personal. Tailor your lifestyle to your preferences, surrounded by support that prioritizes your choices and emphasizes dignity and respect. Choose from a spectrum of living options, including Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care, as you embark on a journey of personalized well-being and fulfillment. This is more than a retirement community; it's a place where individuality is celebrated, and every aspect is designed to enhance your sense of home and community. Welcome to Elancé at West End, where your retirement is a unique and cherished chapter.


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