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Who We Are

Meet Our Team

The RUI Development team consists of individuals with diverse expertise in development, pre-construction management, repositioning, new developments, design, and operations in senior living. With a focus on the end-user and the standard of care provided after development, the RUI Development team presents innovative solutions tailored to senior living.

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William Fralin

Chief Executive Officer

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Doris-Ellie Sullivan


Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 4.28.17 PM.png

Elliot Fitzgerald

General Counsel

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Matt Winningham

Senior Vice President,

Asset Management & Development

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Darren Eversole

Vice President,

Finance Development

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John Erickson

Project Manager

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 4.46.17 PM.png

Andrew Chester

Project Manager


Tammi Simcox

Corporate Director of Interior Design

Our Mission

We Aim to Develop a Better World

Our development mission involves an integrative process, forming strategic partnerships among operators, investors, and senior living providers. This collaborative approach aims to create a lasting impact on the community.

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RUI Development

Since its inception in 1982, RUI Development has consistently demonstrated a distinguished track record of excellence. Our collaborative approach with senior living partners has been instrumental in the creation of communities that not only meet but exceed the expectations of residents, providing them with the lifestyle they have earned and truly deserve. Through years of experience and commitment to quality, we take pride in our role as a trusted partner in the construction of senior living environments that prioritize comfort, well-being, and an enhanced quality of life.


RUI Development collaborates with reputable and trusted investors to craft communities that best cater to our residents, fostering an enriching and purposeful environment.


RUI Development has overseen development projects of more than 20 senior living communities, and we are actively expanding our portfolio with the aim of delivering purposeful living experiences to every resident.


You can experience tranquility, being associated with a company that boasts a proud tradition of over 40 years, dedicated to delivering exceptional communities for senior adults.

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